Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barker Field Goodness

I LOVE Barker Field by Dogwood Dell! I met up with Lanie and Moo Cow and played with all my friends. We played catch, stood on tables (because we can't do that at home), and chased each other until one of use squealed. I've been going about twice a week to get in a good workout.

It's kinda embarrassing but I play in the small dog side... I think the wolves of Barker Field want to eat me. The second I get in the door the pack of wolves sniffs me out and I think they plan together how they will enjoy me as a meal. AND Erin's boss had to get rabies shots after breaking up a fight at the park... Erin hates shots SO I'll remain happy on the small dog side. Below are pictures of my buddy Dominoe the Dachshund and my best friend Moo Cow.

Check out Barker Field:

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