Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet my NEW cousin.... Daisy the Hound Dog!

This beautiful, little lady is Daisy the Hound Dog! AND I already LOVE her! My Aunt Ginny and soon-to-be Uncle Nick just adopted her from the SPCA. I can't wait til she's big enough to romp with like Moo Cow... she's almost as big as me at only 2 months old.

Her name will be SOOOO easy to remember because my sister is Daizy with a Z... my family needs to get a little more creative with names. Looks like we are starting another name trend... my dad, grandpa, and uncle are all named Steve.

I think I might name every I know Gus. This is my ball, his name is Gus. This is my tomato plant, his name is Gus. Oh my food dish is also Gus. And my mom calls any furniture chewed up "Damnit Gus!"

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