Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Beginning :)

On November 20th, 2008, Steve and Erin (the greatest hoomans EVER!!) walked into my life. It was meal time at Pauley's Pups and I had to fight the damn poodle in my cage for some food. I'm in the middle of a fight and BAM it was like angels singing, Steve and Erin walked in the door. I watched Erin tell the food lady that she wanted to see jack russells and miniature schnauzers (stupid choices) so the food lady took Erin over to the jack russell cage. Thank goodness the tank contained the worst behaved jacks on the planet... well maybe in Ashland. They squirmed and would not let either Steve or Erin hold them. I could see the disgust all over Erin's face. Erin put the little dogs back in their cage and asked the lady if she had any mini schnauzers... nope... YAY time for my chance. I bit the poodle as hard as I could causing all the other puppies to start barking. My plan worked Erin and Steve wanted to see me because I looked kinda like a mini schnauzer. I waited for them to change gloves and aprons.... no cooties for me thank you.... and they walked over to my cage. Erin was the first to hold me. I snuggled on up to this wonderful hooman. Erin then handed me over to Steve... he's a softie, my cuteness factor won him over in an instant. They then put me back in the cage to "talk over it."

Within 5 minutes, I'm in a freaking bath and getting blown dry to go home with Steve and Erin. Greatest day of my life!

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