Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tricky Humans

Steve and Erin went to work today, which means my day was going to be BORING. When they leave for long periods of time they gate me in the kitchen.... who wants to be trapped in the kitchen all day?!

The humans used to rig the gate by just opening the drawer with all the forks a little bit, until I discovered how to push the drawer back in. Well..... they caught on. I like to call this little jerry-rig, "Shark Attack":

This is what I think of said "Shark Attack:
I ripped the gate off its hinges today!!! Boo-ya! Who's the man?! This guy....

Not only did I destroy the gate, I also got into the food cabinet and ripped the bags to pieces. That will teach the humans to leave me in the kitchen. BUT on a happy note (at least in my humans' eyes), I didn't pee on the floor. I waited til those crazy kids got home and went outside so I could get my delicious liver treats.

NOTE TO SELF: Eating the cat food bag turns my poo the color of this background.... ewww

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